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For VS Code, Open VSX and Visual Studio.
Latest stable version 1.16.3 / pre-release 17.x / changelog


The main Rewrap command is: Rewrap Comment / Text, by default bound to Alt+Q. With the cursor in a comment block, hit this to re-wrap the contents to the specified wrapping column.


  • Re-wrap comment blocks in many languages, with per-language settings.
  • Smart handling of contents, including Java-/JS-/XMLDoc tags and code examples.
  • Can select lines to wrap or multiple comments/paragraphs at once (even the whole document).
  • Also works with Markdown documents, LaTeX or any kind of plain text file.

The contents of comments are usually parsed as markdown, so you can use lists, code samples (which are untouched) etc:


  • If you select just a couple of lines, only those lines will be processed.
  • In VS Code you can use multiple selections (alt+click) to select multiple comment blocks or line ranges.
  • However you can safely select a large line range with multiple comments and code, and only the comments will be wrapped (the code is untouched). You can Ctrl+A, Alt+Q to re-wrap a whole document at once.


See the following pages on configuration of settings and keybindings, and extra features.